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State UIL Students Return to Farwell With Hardware in Hand!

The State UIL Meet was held in Austin on May 14. Eight students competed at the State level...WOW! Their hard work proved successful by the mere fact they advanced to the highest level of academic competition...STATE! Here are the results:


Spelling - Wylie Osterkamp 6th Place


Spelling Team - 4th Place (Members: Chloee Whitten, Wylie Osterkamp, Kylie McFarland, Cali Dannelley (alt. Sayler Gilbreath)


Journalism Team - 2nd Place


Editorial Writing - Kirkland Woods 2nd Place


Headline Writing - Jackson Wilbourn 3rd Place


Feature Writing - Kennady Waldrop 4th Place


News Writing - Averey Miller


Again, congratulations to these amazing humans! Hoping to take more next year!