Mrs. Linda Johns welcomes you to 6th grade! 

This will be year 39 in education for me, but my first teaching experience in Farwell. Yes, that is a very long time! Most of my teaching career has been in Portales, New Mexico with part of one year teaching in Seminole, Texas.

     Aside from my passion of teaching, my family and my faith are two of the most important things to me.  My wonderful, supportive husband, Ronnie, and two beautiful daughters, Kaleigh and Kelsey, are my gifts from God.  We enjoy playing family games and would love to travel more and visit new places. I look forward to an exciting new adventure teaching in Farwell this school year.


2019-2020 Schedule

1st  8:05-8:50 Social Studies

2nd  8:54-9:39 Conference

3rd  9:43-10:28 Social Studies

4th  10:32-11:17 Social Studies 

5th  11:21-12:06 Lunch

6th  12:10-12:40 Blue

        12:40-1:13 Duty/Odysseyware

7th  1:17-2:02 Keyboarding

8th  2:06-2:51 Keyboarding

9th  2:55-3:40 Keyboarding

clip art of classroom


clip art of student

education quote

     "The study of Social Studies seeks to arm American citizens with knowledge about the world, nation and society around them."

     With that goal in mind, we will study people, places, and events through the study of World History and geography.

     In social studies, there are eight different strands that the TEKS are classified by:

1. History - The people, places, and events

2. Geography - How people affect the planet, how people affect people, and how the planet affects people

3. Economics - How people/governments create/lose wealth

4. Government - How different types of governments are created, how they operate, and how they change over time

5. Citizenship - How people in different societies participate in government

6. Culture - How different societies live and interact with other societies

7. Science, Technology and Society - How advancements in technology, science, and medicine affect societies

8. Social Studies Skills - How to develop research, reading, thinking, writing, and communication skills 

computer quote
Typing on the computer using home row key hand placement is still an important and critical skill for students to master.  This will allow ideas to flow more easily while writing essays or even sending email messages.