State Capitol

Hi y'all. I'm Patti Johnson. My subjects are 6th Grade Math and 7th Grade Social Studies, which of course is actually Texas History, the best kind! This year will be my third year working with Theater Arts and OAP.

My pride and joy is my family including my husband Scott, who farms and runs our trucking business. We have 4 grown up children, a daughter-in law, 2 son-in-laws, 2 grandsons (4 years and 8 month old), a grand daughter coming November 2019, two dogs and some goats. You will learn more about my family this year, they have been the greatest learning experience in my life!

My hobbies include traveling, museums, shopping and reading, especially about Native Americans, American Explorers & of course,  Texas History.  I'm excited for a new year at FJH.

(Photo to left was taken at the Texas State Capitol Building in 2016. I will teach you all about how this building was built, spoiler has something to do with where WE live!)


Bullock Museum of History

7th Grade Social Studies is THE best! This year you will learn all about the wonderful state we call home. Texas is diverse, wild and exciting! It isn't only the story of our state, but the story of the WORLD. Strap on your stirrups because its going to be a great ride.

(By the way, the photo to the left was taken at the Bullock Museum of History in Austin in 2018)


Spiral (plastic covered is preferable, we use it everyday)

Pencil pouch with pencils, red pen, eraser, scissors, glue. We use scissors and glue A LOT!

You will have many class projects and presentations to apply your Technology skills.


Nerd Alert: Here is a list of great History and the BEST Texas History podcasts I have found. Listen to these when you need a break from the present!

History That Doesn't Suck

Stuff you Missed in History Class

Wise About Texas (if you just listen to one, listen to this one and thank me later!)

Y'all need this podcast


Puppy pic

                          6th Grade Math 

This (picture on the left) is Norbert. Besides being cute, Norbert is a rescue dog and a social media sensation! He is lovable and never quits. He is our poster dog for the math word we are going to focus on for the year

2019-2020: PERSEVERANCE!

You will need:

Plastic covered Spiral with a pocket (we will use this most every day)


Pencil pouch with pencils, erasers, red pen, scissors and glue

A good attitude

Good math websites that I use are:


math is fun

math playground


For questions and reteaching, and just so parents can review stuff that you learned AWHILE back, try these websites or visit them on Youtube

Khan academy 

The Organic Chemistry Tutor

FJH Student council promotes the campus by organizing events, providing activities and is the voice of the student body. Elections are held within the first 3 weeks of school (TBA 2019). Candidates are elected by their classmates and must be students who want to lead by serving! Our student council is composed of:

2- 6th Grade members

2-7th Grade members

3-8th Grade members (including Pres, VP and  Sec.)

2-Teacher Sponsors (Mrs. Grant and myself)

3-Teachers sponsors (one for each grade)

Mrs. White

(The 2018-19 Student Council donated to the Snack Pack for kids and attended the Parmer County Snack Pack Banquet May 2019)
Dog picture
Medals picture

This year, I will be coaching the following:

Art (6th, 7th, & 8th)

OAP (listen to the daily announcements FMI). Mrs. Sharp will also be working with us again this year!!!!


Courtyard Fun

Farwell Jr. Hi. is all about learning who you are and enjoying being part of a community!


End of year Jr. Hi. dance and Talent Show (left picture)

Cornhole tournament (bottom picture)

Funny quote
cornhole tournament