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     I am a West Virginia hillbilly.  Like many young people when they finish high school, I had to get out of my "one horse town", see new sights and meet new people. I met my husband in Oklahoma City, and we moved many places and saw many new sights including Connecticut, California, and Houston before arriving in Clovis in 2002.   I began my teaching career in Midwest City, Oklahoma, continued in Alvin, Texas, and taught at Clovis High School for a few years before finding my dream job at Farwell High School.   My  husband and I have two children, Jill and Glen, a great son-in-law, Justin, and two purrrfectly useless cats.

1st 8:10-8:55  English III


2nd 8:59-9:44 English I


3rd BLUE  9:48-10:10


4th  10:14-10:59 English III


5th 11:03-11:48 English I


6th 11:52-12:37 English I


LUNCH 12:37-1:08


7th 1:12-1:57 English I


8th  2:01-2:46 Conference


9th  2:50-3:35 English III

The English I course explores the features of different literary genres emphasizing reading comprehension and analysis skills.  The students then practice using these skills to develop their synthesizing skills through writing.  Students will reflect their learning by taking a state STAAR test in the spring.
In English III, students explore the different features of American literature from the beginning of America to the mid-1960's.  Students study how various texts from chronological periods in American history reflect the culture of the country during those times.  The texts are significantly more difficult than earlier grades and students' reading comprehension and analysis skills are challenged.  The students reflect their growth in these areas through writing and projects.